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Creating peace in our hearts contributes to peace in our families, our communities, and the whole wide world.

statue of buddha

What is Buddhism?

Buddhism teaches human beings how to cultivate peace, ethical conduct, wisdom, and loving kindness.

Sakyadhita's Objectives

Inner Peace
Intercultural Understanding
Community Harmony
We draw inspiration from these

Buddhism Teachings

Ahimsa means to avoid harming any living creature through our thoughts, words, or actions.
ethical conduct
Shila means to engage in wholesome actions and avoid unwholesome actions of body, speeech, and mind.
Karuna is the wish that all sentient beings be free from suffering and frustration.
Prajna is the wisdom that understands the true nature of things, to see things “as they are.”
loving kindness
Maitri or metta is the wish that all sentient beings be happy and content.

Our Programs


La'i Peace Center is an ideal setting for learning and practicing mindful awareness and other ways of cultivating peace.

Peace Education

We offer programs in conflict transformation, compassionate communications, Hawaiian healing herbs, taichi, yoga, somatic healing, and more.

Transformational Education

We host school children and university students to encourage a love for the land.

Food Forest

We are restoring the Earth in a biofriendly way – planting trees, vegetables, and healing herbs to share with friends and neighbors.

Cultural Exchange

La'i Peace Center is a friendly environment for sharing ideas and practical skills to promote intercultural understanding.

Women's Empowerment

We encourage and appreciate the wonderful contributions of girls and women.

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Serve the Community, Learn New Skills, Meet New People, and Gain Cultural Understanding in a peaceful environment.

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