Welcome to Sakyadhita Hawai'i

Sakyadhita Hawai'i was established in 1994 as the first local chapter of Sakyadhita International Association of Buddhist Women, and was incorporated as a tax-exempt charitable organization in 1999. The primary goal of Sakyadhita Hawai'i is to promote peace through meditation, dialogue, and peace education. Its programs promote inner peace, community harmony, and international cooperation. The organization is dedicated to creating strong ties between Buddhists in Hawai'i and allies everywhere who are working to create a more peaceful world. Peace education for children is a priority.

Sakyadhita Hawai'i is creating a strong alliance of women, children, and youth who are dedicated to peace. Already, the organization has helped transform the lives of countless people both in Hawai'i and abroad. By helping link peace activists around the world, Sakyadhita Hawai'i continually works for a more peaceful world.

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