Aims and Objectives

Sakyadhita Hawai'i is a non-profit religious organization registered in the State of Hawai'i, for the following specific purposes:

• To promote world peace through the teachings of the Buddha.
• To encourage the development of cultures of peace and peace education.
• To promote harmony among the world's religions and ecumenical dialogue.
• To advance the physical, psychological, and spiritual welfare of humanity, especially women and children.
• To develop an alliance of women, children, and youth in Hawai'i who are dedicated to peace.
• To establish a local and international network of communications among peace activists.
• To undertake peace education and training projects, including training in meditation, stress reduction, conflict resolution, and non-violence.
• To guide and assist women, children, and youth in Hawai'i who are interested in meditation and peace leadership.
• To encourage research and publications on peace and non-violence.
• To encourage compassionate social action for the benefit of humanity.

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